“Assumptions are the termites of relationships.”

Henry Winkler

B2B products and services are not like tangible consumer goods. Instead, they are primarily sold on trust. On this challenging battleground, reputation is your most important asset. This is especially true for professional services players like strategy consultants, auditors and executive search. For them, brand building is often even more critical for generating business value than for product brands.

Brand Strategists takes your brand beyond pure service offerings, claims of expertise and quality delivery.

A powerful lever to challenge all relevant aspects of your current marketing mix for future optimum performance is the Brand Strategists Marketing Audit:

  • Evaluation of your brand’s perception and interaction with all relevant stakeholders
    (e.g. current and potential clients, business partners, alumni, high potentials, recruits, etc.)
  • Brand benchmarking against your competition and with reference to your inherent brand values (e.g. trust, credibility, potential, soft factors etc.)
  • In-depth evaluation of the efficiency of your marketing mix
    (e.g. advertising, online marketing, social media, events, PR etc.)
  • Analysis of your new business and relationship development tactics
  • Mapping of market opportunities and future markets
  • Streamlining your thought leadership and your storytelling – on corporate and product/services level
  • Brand awareness and trust-building initiatives to fuel your lead generation
  • Marketing cost (direct & indirect) and budget optimization.

We have comprehensive Marketing & Communications audit experience. We support you along the entire value creation chain to:


Transform your contacts into leads


Turn your clients into loyal brand advocates and


Precisely differentiate your offering from the competition.

The Brand Strategists ecosystem experts bring a whole century of profound experience in Professional Services – whether in Europe, in China or globally – to the table. We know exactly which decisive dots we need to look at in these Marketing audits