Thought Leadership

“A hallmark of true thought leadership is the confidence to take the route that 99.9% of industry experts don’t even see. Will you?”

Craig Badings & Liz Alexander

Thought leadership has become the #1 battleground for B2B in the knowledge economy. Notably professional service players such as strategy consultants, the big four auditors or executive search, have to constantly develop new intellectual capital (IC) for ultimate value, relevance and consistency. In addition, they have to disseminate and promote it effectively for a sustainable victory.

Thought leadership is not about being known. It is about being known for making a difference. Supporting you in the ideation process of your differentiating thought leadership towards your target groups – clients, multipliers and recruits – is our ultimate expertise:


Effectively promote your selling ideas and your unique charisma


Develop your rainmaker potential: Make your services attractive for your key targets


Unify your complex organization behind a big idea

The Brand Strategists thought leadership portfolio:

  • Highly competent services along the complete value chain: From brainstorming ideas to creating tailored strategy-driven storylines to writing polished texts that shape opinion, introduce insights and create demand
  • Ideation of attractive IC formats, e.g. studies, books, client magazines, bylines etc. We cover a broad variety of industries and functionally-related topics (e.g. digitization, innovation, transformation or diversity/inclusion etc.)
  • Professional content marketing to position your corporation as a navigator in times of uncertainty
  • Multi-channel strategy: How to create engaging content that connects with the audience across owned, earned, shared and paid channels
  • Finding expert partners in academia and industry for co-developing and co-branding your IC
  • Generating a tangible ROI: How to turn big creative ideas into competitive advantage and how to generate commercial returns from them.

To define ideas that really “lead”, our international Brand Strategists network is lined up for you. We invent these compelling thought leadership products either as a full commissioned service or in close collaboration with your in-house Knowledge Management teams.

And if you want your IC to shine not only with great content but also with great design and beauty, our design and branding gurus are right at your side.