Sales Pitch Optimization

“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein

In today’s highly competitive environment, your organization is continuously fighting for new clients and businesses. Notably for professional services players, a sales pitch is a perfect opportunity to:


Grow your busines


Build and strengthen your relationships with your clients and prospects


“Show & tell” the strength of your brand and products/services.

Especially if it is a “must win” situation and the likelihood of winning is shaky, your sales pitch needs to be creative and focused. One of your strongest weapons in a pitch or major business presentation is storytelling. Learn how to “tell to sellwith us!

Brand Strategists forge your storyline, USP and customer benefit ”diamonds“ into a radiant, holistic sales pitch to focus the spotlight on your brand’s uniqueness. We have been doing this for many years – not only with success and measurable results, but also with joy and passion:

  • In-depth analysis of your target groups’ expectations – of your brand but also of your teams
  • Tailored value proposition of your product and service offerings
  • Brand positioning and presentation, including claim development
  • Storytelling: The perfect storyline to win
  • Optimized visualization
    (e.g. image materials, presentations, references, etc.) – in line with your CD/CI plus the special twist from highly-creative design specialists in the Brand Strategists ecosystem
  • Professional sales pitch training (for C-Suite, sales executives, pitch teams etc.)
  • Rhetoric sessions for a passionate, authentic presentation of your brand values and core messages
  • Dress rehearsals with strong pitch trainers to make you fit for your big day.

Our experts from the Brand Strategists ecosystem bring a whole century of profound experience in Professional Services – whether in Europe, the US, in China or globally – to the table. We know exactly which decisive dots we need to look at for a winning sales pitch.