Female leaders have a lot to contribute to corporate success. Independent studies substantiate how companies with a gender-balanced workforce are 15% more likely to perform better financially. Companies with strong women in their C-Suite and Boards are even better: According to McKinsey they outperform other players by a strong 53%.

However, the road to leadership is not always an easy one for many women. As a female senior leader you have worked hard for your expertise, you have built your experience and your network, and you have a lot to show in terms of results – in your business career as well as in all other aspects of life. Now it is time for you to bring all this to the Board and C-Level.

At Brand Strategists, we have been on this road ourselves. We are at your side with what we learned:

  • The clout of being the “only female in the boardroom” or at major global business events
  • Body language for the top: The do’s and don’ts of communication and behavior in the boardroom
  • Boardroom chess: How to strategically play your queen for corporate and personal success
  • Self-confidence and the courage to speak your truth – even in the face of fierce adversity
  • Show your flag: How to promote your accomplishments as a means of getting what you want
  • She is so emotional: How to play the empathy card effectively. How to earn the role of a respected leader by shifting from judgmental to neutral words
  • Tailor-made media training for female leaders
  • Dress to express: An offering in the Brand Strategists ecosystem, with a seasoned stylist and a very-well known makeup artist – both from Paris
  • Active businesswomen mentoring: How to find a mentor. How to become a mentor. Peer-to-peer mentoring
  • Woman leader business networks.