Cardea AG and Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) join forces


Cardea AG and Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) join forces

June 24, 2021

Cardea AG and Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) join forces
Cardea and Mathony Brand Strategists are now putting their extensive experience in advising consultancies on the line. Their offer: end-to-end solutions for the positioning of consulting brands.

The joint advisory offer for consulting brands: Future-proof strategic positioning for successful growth in the post-COVID19 market

(Munich & Zurich, 24 June 2021) – Together, the meta-consultancy Cardea AG and the marketing and communications consultancy Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) will throw their extensive experience in the consulting industry into the balance.

Their offer: end-to-end solutions for the positioning of consulting firms.

The expert teams of Cardea and Mathony Brand Strategists work hand-in-hand to develop sustainable differentiating positioning and effective marketing for consulting brands.

With their profound knowledge of the players as well as professional communication and marketing, the #BeraterBerater (#ConsultantsforConsultants) help to effectively serve new client needs in a flexible and hybrid manner, regardless of whether they are global players, hidden champions or specialised consultants.

“As brand strategists, we are particularly called upon when it comes to positioning strategy for consultancy brands,” says Susanne Mathony (Mathony Brand Strategists/MBS). “CEOs and CMOs – especially of medium-sized players and hidden champions – are driven by the question after the pandemic:

How do I position myself in order to be more visible in the market and to be perceived in a differentiated way by all relevant stakeholders?

More than ever applies: ‘Be different or die‘. This requires tailor-made B2B marketing in the force field of ‘brand, people and services'”, the CEO and Founder of MBS describes.

In addition to strategy development, the 14 MBS partners implement concrete measures – for example, in terms of visibility in Tier 1-media – for the CEO as a personal brand and for the consultancy as a corporate brand – as well as professional personal branding on LinkedIn.

“As a growth and positioning consultancy, we bring impulses, best practices and benchmarks to our consultancy clients from daily discussions with clients and consultants as well as from our regular trend studies and projects,” says Eva Manger-Wiemann (Cardea AG).

“Together we develop solutions for questions such as ‘What are the growth levers of my consulting company?’ or ‘Which new products, services and business models will secure future growth? The goal is always the successful differentiation of consulting firms in the market. Our USP is our proximity to client needs,” Eva Manger-Wiemann outlines.

The brains behind the new end-to-end offering

The international meta-consultancy Cardea AG has been the “matchmaker” between companies and consultancies since 1999. As an expert, it brings transparency to the consultancy market.
Eva Manger-Wiemann, Christoph Treichler and their team support their clients professionally and independently in their choice of consultants.
The strategic positioning of consulting companies from a client and competitive perspective is just as much part of the portfolio as the development of innovative business models for professional services providers.

The international marketing & communications consultancy Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) builds on more than two decades of experience in marketing & corporate communications for professional services players with its founder Susanne Mathony.
The CEO and brand positioning expert and trained journalist has worked for Accenture (then Andersen Consulting), Booz & Company (now Strategy&), Russell Reynolds Asociates and AlixPartners (ad interim) in marketing management functions at EMEA and DACH level, among others, and now brings this expertise to her consulting work.

Let us have a chat about how to sharpen your profile. Strategic Marketing for Professional Services has been my USP for more than two decades including an inhouse Marketer career at Accenture, Booz & Comany, Russell Reynolds Associates as well as AlixPartners!

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