Cardea AG and Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) join forces

24 Jun 2021

Cardea AG and Mathony Brand Strategists (MBS) join forces

End-to-end solutions for the positioning of consulting firms Read on

01 Jun 2021

The seven sins of PR – and how to elegantly avoid them in consulting

Professional PR: What laws should be considered? Read on

17 Feb 2021

Tanker vs. speedboat: Which PR strategy suits modern consulting best?

Which PR model will work best for Professional Services firms in the future? Complete outsourcing to PR agencies, large in-house press teams, or practice-specific specialists? Read on

02 Feb 2021

The battle of the consulting brands: Pole position vs. the niche? Commentary on the consulting study by Prof. Fink

"If you're not visible, you don't take place" - is a saying. When it comes to personnel branding, I see gender-specific differences. On LinkedIn, many female consultants in consulting or auditing act completely differently than their male counterparts. Read on

21 Jan 2021

Those who demand visibility should seek the limelight: An appeal to female consultants

"If you're not visible, you don't take place" - is a saying. When it comes to personnel branding, I see gender-specific differences. On LinkedIn, many female consultants in consulting or auditing act completely differently than their male counterparts. Read on

09 Dec 2020

Outlook 2021 – The top 10 Marketing & Communications trends for Professional Services

What is coming, and what remains in Marketing & Communications? Based on more than two decades of consulting experience, I venture an outlook in my #BeraterBeraterin (#ConsultantForConsultants) column on and formulate ten hypotheses for 2021. Read on

19 Nov 2020

Authenticity: Why this hype is dangerous in Marketing

The current authenticity hype sounds like THE recipe for success for external communications. BUT it has its limitations - especially when it comes to the distinction between personal and private narratives. Read on

17 Nov 2020

Breaking the glass ceiling with personal branding

The "Reykjavik Index for Leadership" is a bitter pill for women with career ambitions. With 66 out of 100 index points, Germany is still a long way from a society in which men and women are ascribed the same aptitude for leadership. Read on

05 Nov 2020

Showing attitude – Is CEO activism the order of the day for consultants now?

A publicly communicated stance on sociopolitical issues from business leaders is no longer a rarity. But where does this new CEO activism come from? Read on

21 Oct 2020

Personal branding: “People buy from people – not simply products.”

« back to overview Personal Branding on LinkedIn Personal branding: “People buy from people – not simply products.” October 21, 2020 Personal personal is becoming increasingly important in terms of career opportunities. In an interview with, personal branding and social selling consultant Susanne Mathony explains why she advises employees and companies to leverage social […] Read on

30 Sep 2020

Modern storytelling: What consultants can learn from cowboys

According to neuroscientists, our brain does not differentiate much between reality and fiction. Since the Stone Age, we have shared 'best practices' in the form of stories - for example, how to shoot a mammoth together or where there is clean water. Hence storytelling probably is the oldest 'soft skill' of mankind. Read on

17 Sep 2020

The shared myth of Porsche drivers and management consultants

« back to overview Reputation Management The shared myth of Porsche drivers and management consultants September 17, 2020 There it is again. The cliché that can’t be killed. That of the superficial business administration snot-nosed kids from private business schools who take the red-eye bomber at 7 a.m. on Monday morning with their Tumi wheeled […] Read on

23 Aug 2020

Why McKinsey has nothing to do with the Kardashians: The challenges of Influencer Marketing in B2B

Influencer marketing is on the rise in many industries. Even in consulting, there are now "influencers" with relevant reach. Could this really be an option? Read on

13 Aug 2020

What do a holiday in Italy, the ID.3 from VW and Buyer Persona have in common?

Under COVID19 consulting firms have to differentiate themselves even more than ever. Hence they are in need of truly tailor-made business content. Read on

11 Aug 2020

Makeup for Zoom: 7 expert tips to look your best on screen

Working from home seems to become the #newnormal for many among us. Zoom conferences and video calls are turning into a new standard for conducting business. Read on

22 Jul 2020

Employer Branding – Are management consultancies now becoming Love Brands?

Despite the global pandemic McKinsey is planning to hire 850 new employees, BCG 800. Hence the #ConsultantForConsultants Susanne Mathony is wondering in her bi-weekly column for Read on

30 Jun 2020

The Highlander or the Musketeers? What applies to consultants on LinkedIn?

What is the recipe for success? Putting the CEO in the social media spotlight OR individual consultants? Read on

16 Jun 2020

The battle for thought leadership: Seven hacks for effective studies

« back to overview Tell to sell: Sharpen your thought leadership with us #TheConsultantForConsultants The battle for thought leadership: Seven hacks for effective studies June 16, 2020 The battle for thought leadership: Seven hacks for effective studies The battle over thought leadership hasn’t just been raging since COVID19 in Professional Services. Countless studies vie for […] Read on

26 May 2020

It’s time for the female shift in consulting – Six levers for more women at the top

Women are still underrepresented at the top of consulting firms. #ConsultantForConsultants Susanne Mathony writes in her bi-weekly column for which levers could serve as career accelerators for women whilst the COVID19 crisis and thereafter. Read on

05 May 2020

Which trump card stings best? Brand, people or services?

Is there a secret recipe when it comes to Marketing for Professional Services players? Should consulting firms or the Big 4 put a strong brand, special services & products or their people in the spotlight? Read on

07 Apr 2020

Consultants and their Purpose: Is now the era of real meaning under COVID-19?

Purpose: a term that is becoming increasingly important especially in times of crisis. But what is the current situation with 'purpose'? Do good deeds finally follow fine words? Consultant Susanne Mathony asks the question about the pro bono Marshall Plan. Read on

18 Mar 2020

If all events are cancelled due to COVID-19 – Four concrete recommendations for action

Consultants also need consulting. Especially if the Marketing plan has been thrown over because of COVID-19. Consultant advisor Susanne Mathony describes what needs to be done now. Read on

26 Feb 2020

“The era of ‘Deutschland AG’, where you met clients on the golf course or with the Rotarians, is long gone.”

Is it sufficient to go golfing as a consultant or is it important to build a "personal brand" at LinkedIn? On which social media channels should you be present? And how should one act there? Read on

17 Feb 2020

“The only way to stand out from the consulting crowd is with a differentiating brand.”

How do you manage to be visible on the market as a consultancy? Is thought leadership still the means of choice to charge your own brand with competence? Read on

02 Dec 2019

Thought Leadership – The Holy Grail for strategy consultants & the Big 4

It is budget planning time. It's what's causing the calls from the Marketing departments to pile up Read on

23 Oct 2019

Sex sells! Still? How so not progressive!

And sometimes you have to admit meekly to your daughter that "well meant" in Marketing & Communications is not necessarily the same as "well executed". Read on

26 Feb 2019

Susanne Mathony founds „Mathony Brand Strategists“ – An interdisciplinary, international network of successful experts for optimal brand value

"Successful branding starts with having a first-class strategy to convince and retain the most diverse target audiences. Excellent products and services, compelling stories and a great reputation are essential components, but need a strategic foundation for a brand to fully thrive.” Read on

25 Sep 2018

Is Alexa eating brands for breakfast? Marketers: watch out!

Picture this: It’s a hectic morning. You have countless meetings ahead, so you gobble down breakfast in your kitchen. But suddenly, you pause. Read on

04 Jan 2018

Rule #1: In a crisis, always stick to the truth!

I got an unintentional refresher of key principles in crisis communications, when I stranded last week at Luxemburg airport due to snow chaos Read on

07 Dec 2017

Owning a bike is oldfashioned – sharing like in China is the future!

Wherever I walk these days in Shanghai, I become aware that now as the ride-hailing wars have disappeared, the latest war is bike-sharing or better bike-rental. Read on

22 Nov 2017

David vs. Goliath in China: NIO’s powerful slingshot

When we were kids, most of us were spellbound by the David & Goliath-saga, where the young hero used an unconventional method – a simple sling and smooth stones – to defeat the giant. Read on

17 Oct 2017

Where are the digital csarinas for Europe? Sheryl, please help!

Digitalization and its fundamental implications are dominating the news. The OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2017 launched last week criticized government policy has not kept pace with the digital innovation and transformation of economies and societies. Read on