“Everyone communicates, few connect.”

John C. Maxwell
Don’t just communicate what you do.

Communicate what you stand for!
In a world changing at high speed, we help C-Suite executives and companies to create, enhance and protect their reputational equity. On this challenging journey we serve international and national companies as well as individuals with our highly-specific communications tools and expertise in a broad range of special situations.

CEO & Board Positioning and Reputation Management

CEO reputation is nearly half of a company’s reputation (45%) and its market value (44%).* This makes it one of the most valuable and competitive corporate assets – for global players just as much as for SMEs and start-ups.
CEOs and Board members accordingly have to learn to embrace their “public persona” and leverage it efficiently for corporate success.

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Storytelling and Message Development

Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology to truly move your audience. As a C-Suite member or senior brand ambassador, strong stories help you solidify abstract concepts and simplify complex messages.
When a brand is transparent and authentic, it becomes tangibleConsumers can connect with it and the diverse people behind it.

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Media Relations

How much time do you spend talking with your clients and your employees? And how much time do you spend talking with the media? The quality of your media relations determines how you and the overall organization are perceived in the world.
Our decades-long experience in tapping the right media contacts to achieve premium coverage and visibility is huge. We know how to tell your stories for maximum attention.

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Media Training

As you are the voice and the face of your corporation, media training can prep you to always be prepared – for the best and the worst. As trained journalists and/or seasoned PR experts with decades-long experience, we empower you to stand the heat from the media – in day-to-day communications as well as in times of emergencies or unexpected crises.

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