Change Communications

“Change before you have to.”

Jack Welch

The extent and speed of change are not going to slow down. If anything, competition and all kinds of disruptions will speed up even more in the future. In times of major corporate transformation, change initiatives and disruption-driven challenges, the C-Suite needs to ensure that their strategy is embraced by the overall organization.

Only if all stakeholders perfectly understand and adopt your messages and your change story, implementation can be successful.

In this sensitive process, Brand Strategists support you with targeted services:

  • Development of tailored change communications strategies
  • Identification of pain points and triggers in your organization
  • Internal communications and change management campaigns to engage your teams
  • Targeted content development, e.g. for employee magazines, newsletters, intranet posts or CEO speeches etc.
  • External change communications directed to all relevant stakeholders and multipliers
  • Post-change communication programs
  • Re-branding advisory.

In addition to the strategic approach of Change Communications, we specifically address three topics


We honor your need for speed


We believe in natural empathy vs. top-down directives


Cultural fit