Crisis Communications

“If it’s going to come out eventually, better have it come out immediately.”

Henry A. Kissinger

Over the last decade, we have seen reputational risk grow and reputational crises escalate dramatically. For C-Suite and Board members the question is not “if”, but “when” and ”how fast”.

Your most important, yet fragile asset in times of crisis is your reputation.

So protect it!

We at Brand Strategists are right at your side in times of crisis or challenges:

  • Issues management
  • Comprehensive reputation management programs to prevent a crisis before it even happens
  • Crisis management across all media channels – 24/7
  • Communications advisory for Corporate Governance & Compliance issues (strategy & implementation)
  • Strategic media management in global merger and de-merger transactions.

The best crisis management is prevention. When you see a challenging situation arising in your organization, call on us to help you prepare your communications strategy – way before the trouble starts.

In a crisis situation or in transactions we are right at your side, as your trusted senior sparring partner for the C-Suite and the Board. In close cooperation with your in-house PR department, we prepare and implement your counteraction. We guide you safely through the different stages of the crisis. We support you with bullet-proof communications in any constellation. Brand Strategists experts from both sides of the desk – PR experts and business editors – orchestrate the media network for you. And when all is over, we ensure that you have the right measures in place to effectively rebuild the confidence in your brand.

On-site secondment and interim management deployment are optional offerings in these special situations.

When you require long-term, comprehensive retainer support, a specialized Brand Strategists partner will work fully-aligned at my side. Our trusted PR & Social Media agency partner since 2002, with over fifty professionals, is ready to connect the decisive dots for you.