Media Training

“The questions don’t do the damage. Only the answers do.”

Sam Donaldson

As you are the voice and the face of your corporation, media training can prep you to always be prepared – for the best and the worst. As trained journalists and/or seasoned PR experts with decades-long experience, we empower you to stand the heat from the media – in day-to-day communications as well as in times of emergencies or unexpected crises.

Our Brand Strategists media training (in German or English) involves: 

  • Tailored program set-up for your individual requirements: From a refresher for a thought leadership campaign or a product launch to full-fledged training from scratch when your career has reached a new level
  • Identifying and developing your skills in how to best get your message across – authentically, succinctly, and with impact
  • Defining and refining your personal interview style
  • Simulating tough real-life interviews and communication situations to ensure that you will never again be wrong-footed by an editor or maneuvered into saying something you should not have
  • Carefully designed Q&A, in-session recaps, and a take-home

Editors will return to you again and again for expert commentary on your area of expertise when they find you a passionate, competent spokesperson. Our training empowers you to act and speak with confidence and authenticity in front of the media.