Storytelling and Message Development

“If you don’t tell your story, someone else will.”


Effective storytelling involves a deep understanding of human emotions, motivations, and psychology to truly move your audience. As a C-Suite member or senior brand ambassador, strong stories help you solidify abstract concepts and simplify complex messages.

When a brand is transparent and authentic, it becomes tangible. Consumers can connect with it and the diverse people behind it. Strong stories also foster brand loyalty. Creating a narrative around your brand or products not only makes it human, it also inherently and efficiently markets your business.

At Brand Strategists, we never forget: This is your story – and you are the hero of this script.

Our international expert network brings creativity, vision, skill, and a lot of practice to make your storytelling shine: 

  • Kick-off to develop your unique positioning strategy and your value proposition
    In an interactive workshop, we guide you through the Golden Circle® model (Simon Sinek) to define three core elements:

    • WHY – Together, we explain the purpose of your organization and the reason you exist and behave as you do
    • HOW – We carve-out your organization’s strengths and values for market differentiation
    • WHAT – We describe in-depth the core of what your organization does.
  • Creation of your umbrella positioning statement, your core messages and summaries of evidence, proof and support
  • Design of your customized corporate message house to store and anchor your stories
  • And then, together, we hone and grow your corporate narratives to ensure that your story engages, inspires, and connects with your target groups
  • In brief: “Storytell & sell”. Integration into your communications and marketing materials, your pitch presentations and your overall sales strategy.