Are you looking for a truly effective Corporate Influencer program?

You already do have a successful Social CEO?
And now you want to make your brand even more visible?
Then think about a tailor-made Corporate Influencer program. Live the musketeer principle of “one for all, all for one“!

The aim of a program like this?

To make your employees visible with a convincing digital reputation.

On LinkedIn, modern Corporate Influencers – whether as individual employees or entire teams – become curators of their own story.
They bring to life the area in which they are experts or the set of values that drives them.
In this way, these brand ambassadors flank the Social CEO as ‘the one’ and reach additional clients and multipliers.

Are you wondering about the formula for LinkedIn-success for your corporation?

It is the well-orchestrated triad:

  1. The visible Social CEO
  2. Highly empowered (and well trained) Corporate Influencers – i.e. brand ambassadors from various areas of the company and across all hierarchies as an interface between your corporation and the public
  3. The classic corporate LinkedIn account.

With more than ten years of experience under the belt, we support you with tailor-made corporate influencer programs – whether in DACH or EMEA!

In close cooperation with you, we we will clarify your employees’ most pressing questions:

  • What should the individual LinkedIn profile look like to strengthen your corporate brand positioning?
  • How can personal narratives be convincing so that they have a brand-building and brand-binding effect on your entire firm?
  • How can stories be told through modern business storytelling?
  • How can credibility be increased and the trust of relevant stakeholders gained?
  • Where can your influencers find high-quality content to launch convincing LinkedIn posts?

Six lessons learned from our dozens of successful Corporate Influencer programs since 2014

  1. Lighthouses with intrinsic motivation as a must

    We help you to identify your internal brand ambassadors. They should be intrinsically motivated and have the potential to become true opinion leaders in their industry. They are digital superstars who make your brand shine on LinkedIn.

  2. Focus on target groups

    Even before the first kick-off session, your target groups have to be crystal clear. That’s the only way to ensure that your corporate influencers deliver relevant and engaging content that is precisely tailored to the needs and interests of your target group.

  3. Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity

    Your influencers should be allowed to remain themselves. After all, authenticity is the key to connecting with your target groups. They should bring their personality and passions to their posts.

  4. Content is king. And consistency on LinkedIn is queen!

    Your success on LinkedIn lies in sustained engagement; i.e. consistency is key.
    So do encourage your Corporate Influencers to actively interact with their specific targets, timely respond to comments and initiate discussions.
    This is the only way to create a community that is genuinely interested in your corporate brand and its messages.

  5. Set measurable goals

    Together we define clear goals for your Corporate Influencer program. Your success has to must be measurable!
    Whether it’s increased reach, increased follower numbers and engagement rates or generated leads – we define key figures to track your progress.
    We also keep a close eye on the individual Social Selling Index (SSI®).

  6. Building long-term partnerships

    A Corporate Influencer program is not a short-term one-off investment!
    It’s not a flash in the pan that simply ends after four or six months.
    It’s about building long-term partnerships, both with the influencers and with the LinkedIn community.
    Nurture these relationships and continuously work to strengthen and expand them.

So when do you kick-off your Corporate Influencer program?

Personal branding on LinkedIn is a must in today’s brand positioning mix.
Digital storytelling allows you to scale your business by using great stories that gives each client the feeling of being unique.
Tailor-made programs for your teams enable them to become perfect corporate influencers!

When do we have a chat on this?