What do you stand for?

Profile enhancement and positioning for CEOs, CXOs and senior decision-makers

More than ever before, CEOs, CXOs, board members and senior leaders are at the centre of attention. The CEO reputation now accounts for 58% of a company’s overall reputation. The appearance, opinion and messages of top decision-makers can boost share prices, business relationships and corporate processes. Or cause them to falter.

No matter how large the challenge:

CEOs, CXOs and senior leaders always have to demonstrate a truly differentiating profile, clear opinion leadership and attitude.

Whether towards customers, employees, investors or multipliers:

Those who have a crystal-clear positioning do establish relationships more quickly, build trust more easily – and achieve greater impact through their own distinctiveness.

Our CXO and CEO Positioning consultancy area bundles all our services you might benefit from directly as a senior leader. Our positioning experts with decades of experience support you in mastering the complex instruments and rules of reputation management.

Become a strong personal brand with us – including positioning, messaging, topic and content curation as well as marketing and Public Relations strategy!

Make use of our tailor-made services CXO and CEO Positioning, Social CEO, Female Empowerment as well as Public Relations. We position you quickly and safely as a successful visible expert!

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CEO & Board Positioning and Reputation Management

CEO reputation is nearly half of a company’s reputation (45%) and its market value (44%).* This makes it one of the most valuable and competitive corporate assets – for global players just as much as for SMEs and start-ups.
CEOs and Board members accordingly have to learn to embrace their “public persona” and leverage it efficiently for corporate success.

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Executive Sparring

CEOs, CXOs and top managers crave less toxic stress and fewer echo chambers. Instead, more time for deep reflection. Executive sparring offers a trusting partnership to strengthen leadership.

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Social CEO

Do you want to be the winner in the duel for attention, reach and personal positioning on LinkedIn? Then build your digital visibility as a Social CEO. Trust our experience since 2008 and our top 1% ranking in the Social Selling Index. For your differentiating profile, we take care of your influence and opinion leadership.

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Female Empowerment

Female leaders have a lot to contribute to corporate success. Independent studies substantiate how companies with a gender-balanced workforce are 15% more likely to perform better financially. Companies with strong women in their C-Suite and Boards are even better: According to McKinsey they outperform other players by a strong 53%.
However, the road to leadership is not always an easy one for many women.

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Public Relations

How your messages are received by your target groups crucially depends on the media and channels you leverage as a CEO. Do you strive to position yourself as a successful personal brand through professional Public Relations? Then build on our decades of corporate PR experience at EMEA executive level. Use our excellent network in the Tier 1-media for your strong differentiation that endures.

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