Executive Sparring

“Lonely at the top”: 50% of CEOs do feel lonely. 61% complain that this impairs their performance.”


Executive Sparring: Mastering leadership in an era of transformation and disruption

What do today’s CEOs, CXOs, and top managers seek in the rapidly evolving business landscape? They yearn for less crisis management, reduced toxic stress, and fewer isolating echo chambers.

In an era of transformation and disruption their focus is shifting towards meaningful, deep reflection in leadership.

“It’s lonely at the top!”: The silent challenge of Executive Leadership

A Harvard Business Review study reveals a hidden truth:

  • Half of all CEOs battle with loneliness,
  • 61% believe this loneliness impedes their performance.

Boost your leadership: Discover the benefits of Executive Sparring

Effective and authentic leadership is more crucial than ever for achieving lasting success and adapting to change. This necessity holds true for seasoned leaders, those newly appointed as CEOs or CXOs, and aspiring top executives alike.

Embarking on a transformative leadership journey

Embarking on the journey to effective leadership can be a complex and demanding endeavor. It’s a path where solitary navigation often falls short of delivering the best results.
This is where the role of Executive Sparring becomes crucial. As a confidential and peer-level partnership, it facilitates impactful conversations and deep reflection.
Executive Sparring empowers leaders to shift their perspectives, reassess their priorities, and realign their objectives, encompassing both professional and personal spheres.

The power of sparring with a Trusted Advisor

Engaging in intensive sparring with a Trusted Advisor empowers leaders, bolstering their resilience. Recognizing and understanding one’s strengths and weaknesses leads to more effective action. Consequently, a leader’s sense of self-efficacy is significantly enhanced, paving the way for greater achievements.

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Five key benefits of Executive Sparring for achieving measurable success at the leadership level

  1. Maximum clarity in leadership

Define clear and coherent messages to pursue your leadership goals with consistency and passion. This clarity is essential for setting and achieving strategic objectives, enhancing your ability to lead effectively.

  1. Razor-sharp internal positioning for leaders

Strengthen your leadership role with a razor-sharp internal positioning. Influence all relevant stakeholders systematically and ignite enthusiasm for change processes within your organization. This internal alignment is key to effective leadership and organizational transformation.

  1. Compelling external positioning for executive success

Position yourself as an expert leader to convincingly engage employees, clients, business partners, and key multipliers such as journalists. Professional visibility, crucial for successful collaborations with top executive search firms, is a direct outcome of this positioning.

  1. Modern personal branding for visionary leaders

Our executive coaching transforms you into a modern, premium personal brand. Embrace your role of a strategic, visionary leader, making an impact both within and beyond your organization. This approach to personal branding is vital for contemporary leadership – especially in times of transformation.

  1. Continuous leadership feedback with Executive Sparring

Engage in continuous self-reflection and development in the areas described above. This process leads to quicker, deeper insights and helps you avoid the ‘lonely at the top’ syndrome, common in high-level leadership positions.

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Exploring the unique approach of our Executive Sparring for your individual success

At Mathony Brand Strategists, our Executive Sparring for CEOs, CXOs, and leaders is meticulously crafted to cater to your unique situation and specific needs. Our personalized approach ensures that every aspect aligns with your leadership journey.

Six classic scenarios where you can rely on our leadership advisory

  1. Strategic (re)-positioning

Together, we conduct a comprehensive personal SWOT analysis. Based on this we develop a roadmap for sustainable success in your new role, ensuring a strategy that is custom-tailored for your leadership journey.

  1. Successful reorientation after career breaks

No one likes to fail. But learning from career breaks makes you even stronger and more approachable. Our Executive Advisory helps you confidently use this critical experience for your personal and professional transformation. To respond to dynamic disruptions, we support you with targeted stakeholder and crisis management.

  1. Your first 100 days as a CEO, CXO, or top manager in a new leadership role

A compelling start in the first 100 days as a CEO, CXO, or top manager in a new leadership role is critical to success. This requires a balance between powerful leadership and sensitive openness. We assist you in focusing on both institutional and personal renewal. We quickly define your strategic cornerstones. For your onboarding, we develop a customized communication plan complete with a compelling narrative.

  1. ‘One is the loneliest number’ – Alpha chess sparring for female leaders

Female leaders often face the ‘never-right bias’. It’s a challenge that can impact their confidence levels. Research from ‘When Women Lead’ suggests: Women’s confidence only aligns with men’s only at around forty.
Our specialized Alpha chess sparring program for female leaders is designed to accelerate this growth in confidence.

In environments where more than one in five women at the top management level is often the ‘only one’ in the room, we provide bespoke strategies to enhance and assert their leadership presence. Our targeted coaching aims to bolster self-assurance, empowering women to fully unleash their true leadership capabilities.

This approach is particularly effective in overcoming the ‘imposter syndrome’, a common obstacle for 75% of female leaders, as identified by KPMG.

  1. Leadership communications

 Crafting your unique leadership narrative

Every leader’s journey is a story of triumphs and challenges. Much like the compelling narratives in Hollywood’s hero’s journey, real-life leadership stories resonate when they are authentic and offer valuable lessons. Hence we focus on uncovering and shaping your unique leadership story. This narrative becomes the cornerstone for effectively communicating your vision, strategy, and core values, essential for inspiring and leading effectively.

Strategic messaging for impactful leadership

Coherent and targeted communication is vital, especially during times of change or new beginnings. Your leadership communication has to remain consistent across various platforms, whether in traditional media or as a dynamic Social CEO on platforms like LinkedIn. We guide you in maintaining your key messages that reflect your leadership identity, ensuring your voice is heard and respected across all channels.

  1. Developing your stance on stance

In a world where strong convictions are highly valued, we refine your presence as a people-friendly mastermind, equipping you for CEO activism and ensuring your stance resonates with media and employees alike.

Three key advantages of personalized Executive Sparring with me

  1. Decades of senior-level experience

With over two decades of experience working closely with CEOs, CXOs, and international top managers, my expertise spans diverse high-level roles. From serving as thr CMO on the EMEA board to active participation in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, I bring firsthand knowledge in guiding turnarounds, reorganizations, and global mergers & acquisitions.

  1. Expertise in communication and positioning for leadership success

Effective communication and positioning are crucial for any leader. My holistic approach ensures that the strategies of CEOs and CXOs are not just designed well but also understood and recognized widely, driving sustainable transformation and success.

  1. Extensive, robust network in Professional Services

Leverage the benefits of my strategic insights gained from over two decades in strategy and restructuring consultancies like Booz & Company (now Strategy&) and AlixPartners. Additionally, capitalize on my deep connections in top executive search from my tenure at Russell Reynolds Associates in EMEA, enriching your network and resources.

Are you prepared to take your leadership to the next level?

With my specialized Executive Sparring, you’ll gain more than just insights – you’ll build your very own roadmap to success. But first, we need to ensure we’re the right fit for each other.

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