Who am I

Mission Statement

Connecting the decisive dots for you and your brand!
  • Our portfolio is as holistic as your brand. With us there is no either-or: You never have to choose either social media or classical marketing. We play the full orchestra of branding instruments for you. Professionally.
  • We honor your time and expertise. We never send you the junior. We are your reliable eye-level partner for all your Marketing & Communications challenges.
  • We believe in sustainable partnerships. Your chosen Brand Strategist is YOUR Brand Strategist. She or he will be right at your side to leverage our full ecosystem for you.
    You do not have to waste time briefing fresh experts.
  • We are no brand chickens. We are brand tigers. We never look for the easy way out, but for the best way. We always tell you the truth, even if that may not always be pleasant. We do not hesitate to fight for a true win-win.
  • Based on extensive experience, we really understand how communications works. There is no 9 to 5 for us – especially not when you need urgent support. We do not leave you out there in a crisis.
  • We work extremely hard for you to create measurable results that endure. But we also love to laugh and never forget: Branding is all about people.