Social CEO

“Social CEOs are seen as better leaders (75%), help build brand trust (70%) and positivily influence purchase decisions (55%).”

Why don’t you use your CEO Reputation Premium as a strong reputation lever for your company?

Why are more and more CEOs – whether in the DAX, in professional services or in the strong German SME sector – deliberately building up a digital visibility as a social CEO? They appreciate the fact that not only luxury cars like Porsche or Lamborghini have a so called ‘reputation premium’. There is also the highly relevant ‘CEO reputation premium’.

CEO reputation now accounts for 58% of a company’s overall reputation. A few years ago, this was only at 45%. Consequently, 67% of the world’s top decision-makers claim:

The CEO should maintain a visible, public profile as part of the modern communication mix!

Today, this reputation is omni-channel and omni-driven. This also includes strong personal branding in social media. Players like Herbert Diess (Volkswagen), Tim Höttges (Deutsche Telekom) or Christian Klein (SAP) are leading voices on LinkedIn. As a personal brand, they present themselves as approachable and authentic.

Do you also strive for a personal branding on LinkedIn as a social CEO?

With a top 1% ranking in the Social Selling Index, our experienced LinkedIn experts will make you and your ‘social me’ successful:

  • Detailed target/actual analysis of your personal LinkedIn profile plus screening of your key competitors
  • Development of a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy including:
    • Razor-sharp positioning taking into account the overarching communication and corporate strategy
    • Buyer persona and brand tonality
    • Key themes and core messages that will sustainably differentiate your CEO positioning
    • Social selling tactics
  • Professional curation and creation of your LinkedIn content – e.g. on brand, products/services, but also on your expert opinion and your personal stance
  • Re-publishing strategy for your optimized brand awareness
  • If required, social media listening by our experienced Smart Media Intelligence partner in the MBS ecosystem.

Three reasons why you can entrust your digital visibility to Mathony Brand Strategists

  1. We do not just sell you LinkedIn as a mere tool because it’s en vogue in these days. Instead we leverage it strategically as an integral part of your overall CEO brand positioning.
  • To cater to your specific needs as a senior leader, we bring more than two decades of leadership responsibility in marketing and communications at EMEA level to the table. This also includes eleven years of CEO positionings at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on the ground.
  • You will clearly benefit from the decades of our team’s experience in journalism, Public Relations, communications and brand strategy. All this feeds into our social media advisory.

Your five measurable advantages as a corporate influencer at the top level

If you position yourself as a highly visible social CEO, your company will benefit from five advantages.

Brand building

Social CEOs use their social media accounts to build and strengthen their brand. Greater attention and higher reach for the personal brand creates more visibility for the corporate brand. You will reach significantly more people through personalization than through abstract corporate accounts.

Opinion leadership

Who, if not you as the CEO, personifies more convincingly what your company stands for, what values you and your employees represent and what vision, what purpose drives you?! Benefit from the direct interaction with your relevant external stakeholders such as customers, partners, investors and multipliers around the globe.

Trust and credibility

Leaders who signal transparency and openness in the classical Tier 1-media but also 24/7 on LinkedIn create trust. CEOs who give their company an individual, instantly recognizable face as the top corporate influencer sustainably increase their credibility.

Employer Branding

In the war for talent, successful employer branding depends on a professional social media presence. A visible CEO becomes the powerful lead magnet for top talents – especially in times of “Great Resignation”. If CEOs position themselves in an approachable way, demonstrate their own opinions and attitude, employees significantly identify better with companies.

Internal communication

Social media are strategically relevant in the modern toolbox of internal communication. Employees can be informed in a timely and accessible manner. Impressive figures prove it is worth it: 80% of employees prefer working with a social CEO. 81% consider a social CEO more capable of leading companies in the digital age.