Social Media Advisory

“Content is fire, and Social Media is the gasoline.”

Jay Baer
The attention economy has defined new rules.

With the growing confluence and influence of social media, rapidly-expanding customer expectations and ever-faster markets, brands have no choice but to similarly be active in the social media. In these high-speed channels, communication is a high art.

If managed well, social media communications can massively support the attractiveness of your brand. If mismanaged, nothing will make you lose trust, clients and sales faster than a social media “shitstorm”.

We at Brand Strategists are masters at orchestrating your social media appearance. Our preferred platform for our B2B clients is LinkedIn: With more than 810 million users worldwide and two new members joining every second, LinkedIn is the giant nobody can neglect.

Social Media Advisory

LinkedIn profile quick check

Public and stakeholders – from investors to customers and employees to the media – have never focused more on your organization. You are always operating in the “public eye” in times of ultimate transparency. The social media are ubiquitous.
Whatever you do as a C-Suite member, as a team leader or as an organization: It will have an immediate impact on your reputation as everything can be shared virally, universally – and instantly.

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Social Media Advisory

Social CEO

Do you aim to give your company, the brand and its goals a human face? Then position your CEO as a modern Social CEO. Through his digital visibility, you gain influence, power and opinion leadership. Build on our experience since 2008 and our top 1% ranking in the Social Selling Index. To differentiate your corporate brand, we take care of the attention and reach for your CEO.

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Social Media Advisory

LinkedIn Personal Branding

Social media communications is a merciless fight for “eyeball attention”. Every single week, content in LinkedIn feeds is seen nine billion times. That’s about 36 billion impressions per month, 468 billion per year. At the same time, the user attention span is getting shorter and shorter.

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Social Media Advisory

Corporate Influencer trainings

Digital storytelling allows you to scale your business by using a great story that gives each client the feeling of being unique.

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