LinkedIn profile quick check

“How do you know your content is relevant? Increased social traffic, engagement & quality leads.”

Jason Miller

Public and stakeholders – from investors to customers and employees to the media – have never focused more on your organization. You are always operating in the “public eye” in times of ultimate transparency. The social media are ubiquitous.

Whatever you do as a C-Suite member, as a team leader or as an organization: It will have an immediate impact on your reputation as everything can be shared virally, universally – and instantly.

This makes the professional digital positioning of your brand, your products/services and your core messages key in the attention economy.

Benefit from our LinkedIn audit to achieve optimum visibility

Then let us support you with:

  • Competitive LinkedIn analysis – either of individual profile or of corporate account(s)
  • Social media channel mapping to help you find the perfect online routes for your social media communications
  • Evaluation of your overall social media marketing-mix including the question as to whether you already know your relevant influencers
  • In-depth storytelling check, as sophisticated social media channels operate according to their own rules
  • Strategic advisory and implementation support on how to build a convincing corporate influencer program – or how to become one yourself.

When done right, excellent social media communications will build real relationships. Forget cold calls.


Your clients are already social buyers.


Your competitors are only a click away. They already use social selling techniques.