Social Media Audit

“How do you know your content is relevant? Increased social traffic, engagement & quality leads.”

Jason Miller

Public and stakeholders – from investors to customers and employees to the media – have never focused more on your organization. You are always operating in the “public eye” in times of ultimate transparency. The social media are ubiquitous.

Whatever you do as a C-Suite member, as a team leader or as an organization: It will have an immediate impact on your reputation as everything can be shared virally, universally – and instantly.

This makes the professional digital positioning of your brand, your products/services and your core messages key in the attention economy.

The Brand Strategists Social Media Audit helps you achieve optimum social media results:

  • Competitive social media analysis – either of individual profiles or of corporate account(s)
  • Social media channel mapping to help you find the perfect online routes for your social media communications
  • Evaluation of your overall social media marketing-mix including the question as to whether you already know your relevant influencers
  • In-depth storytelling check, as sophisticated social media channels operate according to their own rules
  • Strategic advisory and implementation support on how to build convincing digital-agile brand ambassadors for your corporation – or how to become one yourself.

When done right, excellent social media communications will build real relationships. Forget your old cold calls


Your clients are already social buyers


Your competitors are only a click away and already use social selling techniques.

When you require comprehensive professional support, a specialized Brand Strategists partner will take over this task – 24/7, a leading global smart media intelligence, innovations/digital consulting, media monitoring, media analysis and research/consulting provider.