Media Relations

“If I was down to the last dollar of my marketing budget I’d spend it on PR!”

Bill Gates

How much time do you spend talking with your clients and your employees? And how much time do you spend talking with the media? The quality of your media relations determines how you and the overall organization are perceived in the world.

Our decades-long experience in tapping the right media contacts to achieve premium coverage and visibility is huge. We know how to tell your stories for maximum attention.

We put much effort, creativity and passion into developing and implementing tailor-made media relations strategies and tactics – always with measurable results. Every day!

Our battle-proven experts come from both sides of the desk: PR veterans, well-connected in Germany, EMEA and globally, and business editors. This is gifting us with the ability to look at your business from the perspective of customers, founders, investors, employees and media simultaneously.

Media Relations is a central Brand Strategists service. We help you or your in-house PR team to:

  • Grow and establish your media network via our own forget trusted relationships with leading editors and reporters at top tier print, online and broadcast outlets
  • Ideate differentiating, confidence-building and relevant content; i.e. translate complex information and expertise into compelling stories that really attract the interest of journalists, editors and multipliers. Our storytelling expertise is one of the enablers
  • Align the high-quality material with your overall corporate strategy and your diverse target audiences
  • Expand your media outreach from a regional to a global scale
  • Ensure stellar placements in top-tier media and excellent visibility
  • Position you as a trusted media source, for your own expert benefit, but also to grow your corporation’s overall brand awareness and your attractiveness as an employer of choice
  • Achieve highest ROI from your communications mix and a clear win-win for all parties involved.

Marketing & Communications without data is like driving with your eyes closed. By leveraging a specialized third party for smart data in our ecosystem, we also support you with:

  • In-depth media evaluations
  • Quantitative and qualitative benchmarking
  • Peer group analyses.

Should comprehensive media relations campaign roll-outs be required, a specialized Brand Strategists partner will work fully-aligned at my side. Our trusted PR & Social Media agency partner since 2002, with over fifty professionals, is ready to connect the decisive dots for you.