“People hear statistics, but they feel stories.”

Brent Dykes

Abgesehen vom Storytelling oder den Strategie-Konzepten, die wir für unsere Klienten entwickeln, haben wir auch unsere ganz eigene Sicht auf die Welt. Dazu zählen Marketing- und Kommunikationsthemen wie Krisenmanagement oder die Relevanz von Purpose und Vertrauen für eine erfolgreiche CEO-Positionierung ebenso wie persönliche Markenerlebnisse von Aufenthalten in China.

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Thought Leadership – der Heilige Gral für Strategieberater & die Big 4-Wirtschaftsprüfer


Hilfe - wir benötigen neue Munition für unser Thought Leadership. Aufmerksamkeitsstarke Studien für 2020 müssen her! ABER: Welchen Content brauchen wir? Wie sollen wir diesen aufbereiten? Und: Wie bringen wir diesen idealerweise zum Klienten?

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Sex sells! Still? How so not progressive!


And sometimes you have to admit meekly to your daughter that "well meant" in Marketing & Communications is not necessarily the same as "well executed".

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How to be the brand police’s best friend!


Brands differentiate you from your competitors. So why are some business professionals diluting their message by presenting something inconsistent with their corporate messaging?

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How consulting firms prevent #MeToo branding


Our whole lives revolve around words – written, spoken, felt. Even a little, simple “the” can be powerful.

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Susanne Mathony gründet eigene Beratungsfirma


Coverage im Fachmedium "PR-Report": München, 26. Februar 2019
Mathony Brand Strategists heißt die Marketing- und Kommunikationsberatung, die Susanne Mathony jetzt aus der Taufe gehoben hat.

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Susanne Mathony gründet „Mathony Brand Strategists“ – Ein interdisziplinäres Netzwerk für Marken-Mehrwert aus einer Hand


Presse-Information: München, 26. Februar 2019
„Erfolgreiche Markenarbeit – das bedeutet nicht nur gute Produkte und Services, spannende Stories und exzellente Reputation. Sondern vor allem erstklassige Strategien, um die unterschiedlichsten Zielgruppen zu überzeugen und langfristig zu binden.“

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Purpose as the magic key to future mobility


Here's a riddle for you: What vrooms across streets, featuring four shiny metal rings, four wheels, a high-tech dashboard above the steering wheel, and a sleek exterior?

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Technology will save brick-and-mortar. Yes, you read that right.


Bargain hunters frantically push and shove, elbows poised, ready to wrestle any opponent.

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Is Alexa eating brands for breakfast? Marketers: watch out!


Picture this: It’s a hectic morning. You have countless meetings ahead, so you gobble down breakfast in your kitchen.

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This is Uber 2.0 – Why trust matters


Uber has gone through turbulent times. A string of scandals – from sexism and passenger assault claims to intellectual property theft, multiple lawsuits, battles with regulators and a massive data hack – has rocked the ride-hailing company.

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Big data, little control – When technology has a flipside


Imagine this: A score assesses what kind of person you are. Do you abide by the rules or do you break them?

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#MentorHer: Make a life by what you give!


When questioned about the secret sauce of success, I am always stating: Have great mentors.

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Rule #1: In a crisis, always stick to the truth!


I got an unintentional refresher of key principles in crisis communications, when I stranded last week at Luxemburg airport due to snow chaos.

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Is Apple’s brand police blind? A weird surprise in Hongkong.


Everyone has a favorite brand or in lingo: a true love brand. This describes the status of deep emotional, passionate bonding with a brand. It is the holy grail of Marketing

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Owning a bike is oldfashioned – sharing like in China is the future!


Wherever I walk these days in Shanghai, I become aware that now as the ride-hailing wars have disappeared, the latest war is bike-sharing or better bike-rental.

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David vs. Goliath in China: NIO’s powerful slingshot


When we were kids, most of us were spellbound by the David & Goliath-saga, where the young hero used an unconventional method – a simple sling and smooth stones – to defeat the giant.

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Where are the digital csarinas for Europe? Sheryl, please help!


Digitalization and its fundamental implications are dominating the news.

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Mathony Brand Strategists: New Tesla

Two reasons for Tesla and NIO to skip IAA – and why this is smart Marketing


China is the world's second biggest economy - nonetheless it only has two players on Interbrand's Best Global Brands list: Huawei @ No. 72 and Lenovo @ No. 99.

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